MH (Measurement Handler) Installation


MH is a component of IMF that is equivalent to device drivers in Operating Systems - it directly interfaces to various devices and retrieves desired measurements. Each device implements a set of functions:

  • loginSwitch(hostname,device,port,username,password): Creates and returns connection object for the device:port and logs in.
  • findXXX: retrieve a measurement of specific type. Currently supported are
    • Infinera
      • findPower(connectionObject,chassis,DLMslot,opticalChannel):Fires command for power measurement and returns the power value in dB
      • findBER(connectionObject,chassis,DLMslot,opticalChannel,1-preFEC 0-postFEC): Fires the command for BER measurement and returns the BER
    • Polatis
      • findPower(connectionObject, port): retrieves port power measurement value in dB
  • logoutSwitch(connectionObject): Logs out from device


  • Check out the MH code as described here, either trunk or a specific release under tags/.
    $ perl Makefile.PL
    $ make
    $ sudo make install
  • This will install the available Perl modules into standard system-wide Perl locations


  • The measurement handler comes with a test server that exposes measurements via XML-RPC (under bin/
  • Start it as
    $ cd bin/
    $ perl
  • Connect to the XML-RPC server to retrieve measurements remotely