IMF Subversion repository consists of a number of 'projects' each with its own 'trunk' and 'branches'. Generally the developer/contributor only needs to have the 'trunk' checked out, leaving 'branches' and 'tags' for bug fixes.


There are a number of command line and GUI clients for subversion under different OSs. Unix/Linux users are better off using the command line. Mac OS users have some commercial options (note the svnX does not work with the newer version of SVN used by IMF repository). Windows has excellent support for Subversion using  Tortoise SVN.

Checking out

The suggested way of working with the repository is to check out the 'trunk' of each of the projects into separate folder/directory. For example, on Unix/Linux:

$ svn co doc
$ svn co imf
$ svn co mh

In windows, create a folder for each of the projects (Doc, IMF and MH), click on each folder and do 'SVN Checkout' of URL<project>/trunk where <project> is one of 'doc', 'imf' or 'mh.

To retrieve a specific release, replace 'trunk' above with the release name (browse the repository of a specific project under tags/ to see available releases).