GENI Integrated Measurement Framework

Project Participants

The project combines the efforts of research teams from North Carolina State University, Columbia University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/RENCI and University of Houston. The project will integrate outcomes from GENI ERM and NSF FIND SILO projects into a set of tools and provide example experiments in cross-layer network control using  BEN optical network testbed.

Project Goals

The development of an measurement function in GENI with a particular focus on physical (optical) layer measurements. The project outcomes will be integrated with the  ORCA control framework. The project is part of GENI  Cluster-D.

Project News

  • Aug 31, 2011 - PerfSONAR standalone Java graphical user interface jar is available.
    • Displays archival or real time optical power level and BER measurement data from Infinera DTNs and Polatis fiber switches
  • Aug 27, 2010 - MH (Measurement Handler) standalone Perl module release 1.0 is available.
    • Allows automated retrieval of optical power level and BER measurements from Infinera DTNs and Polatis fiber switches. See IMF-Subversion and MH-setup for download and installation instructions.

Project Roadmap

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